Great Modern Floating Nightstands for Saving Space

Modern NightstandsGreat Modern Floating Nightstands for Saving Space – In the bedroom you deficiency the décor to be as commoner and as airy as possible. It’s why usually people opt for very few decorative elements and they experiment to center more on functionality. It’s also why floating nightstands have become more and more popular. They are a commoner and clever resources of saving breach but, more than that, of conveyancing an airy décor. Here are a few stylish examples.

This is a partially open bedroom nightstand that has a very commoner and elegant décor. The bed features a commoner design, with a wooden crankshaft and the floating nightstand portion a very similar shouting and finish. Moreover, it integrates beautifully into the décor as the flooring and the headboard also share similar colors.

This bedroom also has a modern int but the décor is quite different from the one presented above. There’s a very nicely balanced antithesis between the pastel walls, striped headboard, long curtains and the wooden pieces of furniture. The impression are diverse and include stripes, geometrical shapes and symmetrical lines.

floating nightstands
modern floating nightstands

Here’s another symbol of a bedroom featuring a floating nightstand. In this case, the nightstand also integrates seamlessly into the décor. The union of structure and shape is quite interesting as well. The wallpaper is beautifully balanced by the velvet headboard with nail peak trimming, the metallic decorative pillows and the soft striped blanket. Read more about small nighstand.

floating nightstand with drawer
floating nightstand with drawer


small floating drawer nightstand
small floating drawer nightstand


floating nightstands image
simple floating nightstands

This bedroom is particularly bright and elegant. It features a neutral outcry palette with beige furniture, a tufted accent wall, a stylish floating nightstand and a few pillows that combine all the colors gift in the room. The floor-to-ceiling windows are another very beautiful element.

This is a great form of a bedroom with a casual int décor. The wooden flooring seem to continue as the headboard extends on the sides in the ideal of two built-in floating nightstands design styles. The layers also has a commoner wooden lid and the excuse of the décor is white. The ring seems very peaceful and tranquil.

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